“We worked with Ernie on a logo for our business and were very happy with the results. He was able to come up with a simple, yet compelling design that also incorporated elements of our existing website and signage so it could integrate seamlessly. He is very responsive, incorporated all of our feedback in ways that looked great, and was extremely easy and fun to work with!”


- Suzanne Schrag

Owner, John’s Electric Motor Service

"Ernest is my favorite graphic designer. He created a lovely brochure for the Time Bank and has designed the graphics for our new public web presence. What I love about Ernie's work: his attention to detail, his quick understanding of my needs, his careful and considered aesthetic sense, his organized and prompt response to edits needed. 
Ernie is a professional designer. Working with him has been a pleasure."


- Bonnie Linden

   Director, TimeBank Santa Cruz


"I would like to take this opportunity to give our unqualified support and recommendation for Mr. Ernest Amos-Jackson. 
Mr. Amos-Jackson started a complete re-construction of our web site, “eci-ca.org”.  During the construction of the website, Mr. Amos-Jackson kept us totally informed of the progress.  He gave us weekly progress reports with the total time expended on the project so we could keep track of the on-going expenses.  Mr. Amos-Jackson would also send us the pages as he completed them for our review before posting to the new website.  We found him very accessible and easy to work with when making any changes or modifications to the site.


Our website presented some unique problems, as our website is in English and Japanese, and includes an on-line application.  Mr. Amos-Jackson was able to complete the website in a very timely manner, considering all of the delays were the result of my staff’s availability.  We were completely satisfied with the product we were presented with, and we would give our highest recommendation to any company or individual looking for a web page designer.


Probably one of the highest compliments that can be demonstrated is when a company intends to use the same service in future business.  We feel we have found a truly professional individual that we can easily work with, trust, and look forward to doing future projects with."


- Barney Eredia

   President, Educational Consortium Institute

"It is with great enthusiasm that I write this message in support and endorsement of Ernest Amos-Jackson. For he is a rare and coveted contributor to the ever-evolving Internet age. 


Ernest's talents as an Art Director, Producer, Artist, Team Leader, and Web Developer/Creator are on par with some of the best. His talents, along with a flexible yet determined nature that embraces change, allow innovative companies to have fun while flourishing."

During his tenure at StudioFX, Ernest acted as Art Director or Producer in the development of such award-winning Web sites as HowdyDoodyTime.com, TheUnderdogShow.com, PlanetFX.com, GumbyWorld.com, MLBGreats.com, GalacticTrader.com and many others. Ernest's work stands as a testament to his passion and creativity.

It has been my honor and privilege to work side by side with Ernest and look forward to the day when our paths will cross again so we can create new ways to leverage the power of the Internet together one more time."


- Sean Griffin

   CEO/Visioneer, StudioFX, Inc.