Ernest Amos-Jackson

     ZAP! Productions has been the creative brainchild of freelance artist and designer Ernest Amos-Jackson since 2000. Based in Santa Cruz, California, this company produces  all forms of hands-on and digital art for company identities, books and magazines, installations, filmmakers and theaters, plus image retouching and enhancement.


     Ernest brings over 20 years of professional experience in the design industry to work on every client project. His training within two top design studios allowed him to further develop his creative skills, and his innovative, thoughtful, and relevant designs are in high demand. 


     Clients appreciate Ernest's ability to successfully translate their vision into a striking and memorable end product. His approachable style in communicating with clients has helped immeasurably in meeting their artistic, or commercial design needs. His clients also benefit from his innate business sense and experience as he works to deadline and within budget constraints to develop effective strategies and achieve results.


     Although he is proud of his work as the owner of ZAP! Productions, Ernest has been an artist his entire life, beginning from a very young age. His free hand drawing, sketching, cartooning and painting skills are among the finest, allowing him to create unique and beautiful pieces. He is immersed in the arts community through gallery shows and art festivals. 

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